Design story: Peugeot HR1

Jul 10, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Peugeot
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October 2010 we saw the HR1 concept by Peugeot. Now we asked Artem Neretin, the designer of its exterior, to tell us about the whole working process.

So, the project started off in September 2009. The designers were set a task to create an hybrid city offroad, compact, but still having full four seats. The exterior needed to bear the brand’s DNA and to derivate the SR1 style. As you can remember, it was this roadster got a new house grille by Nicolas Brissoneau.

The inner contest had several sketch projects to embody, but in the end Artem’s variant has been chosen as the closest to the requirements. Leaping ahead we can say that the final concept only slightly changed since the sketches.

The characteristic, quite recognizable side is a product of group work.  Its motif first appeared on the SR1, and then was continuing on the HR1 and EX1. And this is another brand’s house design cue.

Not the main, but still one of the inspiration sources was the concept bicycle Peugeot B1K, particularly its delicacy and attention to details. Thus, the concept got aluminium elements with rear view cams mounted on the roof. Also the B1K’s design cues you can see on the grille and front lightning of the crossover. The colour range and the materials were chosen b the Color&Trim department in coordination with the designers.

For the HR1’s model they chose plasticine, which allows precise modeling of the surfaces and which can be painted or covered with plastic sheet to see the reflection lines.

The interior is designed by Frederic Antecki, and both the designers worked in couple since they were dependent from each other.

To the question “I there were any problems” Artem answers that there were a lot of things to learn and adds:

 “Nothing comes easy to this world. Of course, there are some moments when you have to think thoroughly, to pay more attention and apply more energies, besides that was my first showcar. Of course, there were some difficulties, but that’s fine. The set tasks are done. There are also a lot of bright moments, for the process comes from a doodle to a Motor Show stand, when you see it and picture in your head all what you’ve been living through all this time. This is amazing! This is a real adrenaline.”

Quite often designers are not satisfied with the result of their work, they complain about some circumstances and terms, but Artem believes that this time Peugeot team done well: “I don’t want to change anything, it was thought as it is, you can’t improve a thing all the time. And for what? I want to create something new, not less interesting”.

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