Fiat Grand Siena design story

May 03, 2012
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
Photos: Centro Estilo Fiat Brasil
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Completely new, differentiated and bigger, the new Siena arrives bringing new items even on its name: it is now called Grand Siena. Grand because it has expanded and evolved. It grew in size and extended its already big luggage compartment.

The increased dimensions result from the adoption of a new platform, which has resulted in a wide, big, spacious interior, ensuring plenty of comfort to all passengers. To increase the well-being on board, the Fiat Grand Siena brings refined finishing, sophisticated, but also functional. The new platform has brought more space for luggage: the luggage compartment grew from 500 to 520 liters, one of the biggest in its segment.

Along with the increased dimensions, the Grand Siena was completely redesigned, in a partnership between Fiat’s Style Centers in Italy and Betim. The sedan comes aesthetically enhanced, highlighting the beauty and sophistication, with sportive touches, and gains its own style, independent from Palio’s identity. The new sedan allies robustness and the excellent cost-benefit ratio from the Palio family with the elegance and uniqueness of bigger sedans.

In addition to the dimensions and the design, the Fiat Grand Siena also enchants thanks to the level of equipment items and its safety. It comes out virtually complete from the plant, including double front airbag and ABS brakes with EBD as serial items in all versions. It also offers optional items such as CD/MP3 radio with Bluetooth® hands-free device, USB and iPod® connection, steering wheel in leather with radio commands, butterfly transmission control on the steering wheel, heated windshield, front side airbags and rain, parking and twilight sensors, increasing the levels of technology and sophistication in the compact sedan segment.

To create the lines of the Fiat Grand Siena, the designers from Fiat’s Style Center in Italy and Brazil favored modernity, sophistication and sportiveness. The result is a sedan with dynamic appearance, great refinement and boldness, but especially beautiful and harmonious to the eyes.

The strength of the new design is shown in the tapered front, with its highly-marked planes and strong creases. The thin central grid, with the Fiat logo fitted to a chrome-plated frieze on the upper part, along with the elongated headlights that get narrower towards the windshield, convey a feeling of movement. These components are joined by the robust bumper, with highlight to the lower grid clearly inspired by sports, with ends embedding the fog lights. All elements connect, flow with each other.

The double-parabola headlights are proof of that: they invade the side with their unique lower contours. They fit the plane to which the bumper and the fender run under the waistline, resulting in an harmonious transaction between the vehicle’s front and side.

The side surfaces are well defined, almost angular. The high waistline conveys sportiveness and energy, but all elements are worked with elegance, in fine, precise traces. This impression is reinforced by the lateral groove that starts above the front fender and ends on the rear lights.

The bold design headlight design, with its geometric shapes, stand out. They invade the luggage compartment door, which was lowered to accommodate them, and extend to the vehicle’s side. Inside the headlights there are filters for the brake and position lights, which create an effect of light guides when turned on and look very nice.

The solid volume of the luggage compartment and the bumper with upward curved ends – it creates a niche that marks the door with a narrow, elegant chrome-plated frieze – contrasts with a simulate spoiler coupled to the rear door’s external edge: robustness and aerodynamics together, with plenty of elegance. To sum up: beauty and desire in an unique sedan.

The Grand Siena attracts attention not only for its beauty, but also for its internal and external dimensions. Since it was conceived as a sedan, from its new modular platform came a car that, when compared with the previous Siena, is 134 mm longer, 61 mm wider, 53 mm higher, and, with the wheelbase, is 137 mm bigger, just to mention the more important dimensions. All these additions result in an important gain in the internal space, which improves comfort for all passengers, especially on the front of the car.

The bigger dimensions of the Grand Siena are also featured on its luggage compartment, now with 520 liters. As important as the higher luggage capacity, however, is the increased door opening gap and the practicality when opening it: thanks both to the electric opening system, Logo Push (located on the center of the door, more precisely on the Fiat logo) and to the remote control.

In addition to big, wide and spacious, the interior of the Fiat Grand Siena was also given the same attention as the harmony between all items. Every element has a refined finish, quality materials, dynamic shapes and worked volumes, creating an airy, elegant space that leads to comfort and well-being. No detail goes unnoticed: from the rings around the instrument panel to the radio finishing, from the friezes around the central frame and the impressive air outlets to the central application on the steering wheel, from the rings around the bellows and the transmission knob to the lettering, every component was conceived to integrate perfectly, and with great taste, to the interior of the Grand Siena.

The new fabrics were developed with technology and comfort in mind. With applications, light-colored details and well-finished sewing, they add value to and enhance the seats, which have involving shapes, designed for favoring comfort, ergonomics and the intelligent use of the internal space. Another internal detail: the colors and textures bring a perfect combination, offering a pleasant, harmonious ambiance.

One of the highlights in the cabin is the decorative band Insert Molding, which divides the instrument panel horizontally. This item is the main customization element in the vehicle interior, and there are several finishing proposals available to the client, such as the ones simulating brushed steel and wood.

The instrument panel, with white backlight and entirely developed in Brazil by Magneti Marelli, joins beauty, modernity and practicality. Its display, also in white, offers excellent contrast, facilitating the quick instrument viewing. The indicators are lighted throughout their length and have Welcome Moving: when the key is turned in the ignition, they make a checking move, so that the driver knows they are working correctly. The instrument panel lighting goes on and turns off gradually, following the indicators movement.

Characteristic to Fiat Automóveis, beauty and function walk hand in hand. The Fiat Grand Siena can have up to 15 object holders, depending on the configuration and optional items selected. They are between the pockets on the four doors, on the panel, central console and rear luggage compartment door, helping the driver to always keep his/her belongings organized.

Additionally, a work was conducted to achieve good performance from the audio system. It is comprised of radio/CD/MP3 player, antenna, two front mid-woofer speakers, two rear Full Ranger speakers and two tweeter speakers positioned on the front elevations. This configuration also brings USB / iPod® connection and Bluetooth® hands-free feature for mobile phones.




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