Paris Auto Show — 2012 2012 Peugeot Onyx Concepts

Sep 20, 2012
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
Photos: Peugeot
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Peugeot Onyx Scooter

A three wheeled hybrid superscooter, concept scooter Onyx is conceptualized to reply to new needs arising in urban mobility. It combines practicality and new ergonomic though in a sporty silhouette.

The driver and passenger can choose between two positions. In sport mode, the driver becomes one with the machine, the posture is active and dynamic, leaning forward with feet wedged behind. In Urban mode, the posture upright, with the feet forward, this allows the driver to have a good vision and excellent comfort.

This scooter is equipped with an innovative storage, clipbox, it located front of the vehicle between the driver's legs, close to the center of gravity.  The roll-on wheels and a telescoping handle make this bag very handy. Once in place on the scooter, it is fully integrated like an ultra-sports machine, like the 17”rear wheel.

The form of the super-scooter is radical, energetic and sculpted, representing the new form language of the brand. It’s a strong and powerful block, lighted by sculpture and facets, with surface that transform from smooth, sensual to sharp and technologic. The headlamp and tail lamps are high technologic in their expression.

The concept is dressed in matt black and copper, with the interior of the clipbox in grey felt, a nod to the Onyx supercar.

Design by Sandeep Bhambra
Colors and trim by Sophie Gazeau


Peugeot Onyx Bike

As direct result of Peugeot Cycles extensive bicycle racing experience, the Onyx concept looks to the future of time trial bikes with an original, modern and super-efficient design.

Adapting Peugeot’s future design language, launched on all three Onyx concepts, into the world of bicycles creates radical solutions, in terms of style and aerodynamics.

The taut lines and slender profile of the carbon fiber monocoque frame optimize penetration of the air. Also constructed in carbon fiber the wheels, with 80mm deep rims, add to the efficiency of the overall package.

Everything is fully integrated, including all the cables, the brakes and the battery which powers the fully electric gear shifting.

Intelligent design solutions mean that the cyclist can easy find the most efficient riding position, while the gear and brake controls both fall easily to hand. The oval chain rings further enhance the rider’s power transmission.

Cloaked in matt black and highlighted with a rich copper, the bike is a symbol of power and elegance, ready for the battle against the air and time.

Design by Neil Simpson

Peugeot Onyx

High performance Supercar, Onyx presents a new and strong aesthetic, with audacious use of materials and technology.

Onyx presents the future design language of the brand Peugeot, applied across three mobility concepts. It has a radical, racy silhouette, constructed around the V8 hybrid HDI FAP Rear engine, with 680hp and tailor made carbon fibre chassis created by Peugeot Sport.

The sculpted form goes from smooth and sensual to sharp and technological. The car is dressed in matt black, carbon, black chrome and copper, hand beaten by master craftsman.  Polished like a mirror, this metal remains unprotected to the elements. It will evolve in appearance over time, through a natural patina effect.

The interior of the supercar has been created like a warm protective cocoon; it is filled with natural light thanks to the transparent double bubble roof. Inspired by the concept of the eggbox, the whole interior uses as few materials as possible, it has neither joints nor stitching and the process of shaping this envelope gives it rigidity. What were several parts: console, dash, seats etc is now one single envelope made of the same material. The driving experience is intuitive, with the small, sporty steering wheel, the use of a head up display and all the other functions close to hand.

The choice of materials is unique within the car industry, creating an ambiance that is light and luscious. The grey felt is warm and soft. Decors are made out of Newspaperwood, which is an elegant material made produced from recycled newspaper. The glasstank placed in the center of the ‘ecrin’ is realized in crystal by a master glass-blower. Finally a stone diffuses a perfume with the scent of the materials.

Interior Design by Julien Cueff & Christophe Pialat
Exterior Design by Sandeep Bhambra
Colors and trim by Sophie Gazeau

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