Konstantin Taranov Volvo project

Nov 07, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Konstantine Taranov
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The project of Konstantin Taranov was created in the frames of the competition organized by Volvo for Stroganov School of Art in Moscow. Constantine won it as well as an international competition “Anfia” a year earlier. The project was noticed by a chief-designer of the Swedish company Peter Hurberry who visited the School. The project will be described by Konstantin, you can see his presentation below. 

1. There was a task for the project (by the chief Volvo designer Peter Hurberry): “crossover of a new generation”.

2. It’s a big family car created on the Volvo XC90 basis.

3. Everybody knows that Volvo is one of the safest cars. Passive safety  in nature is usually get like this: one object is hidden under a safe cover. The supplementary restraint system in Volvo cars is made with using that principle due to the volume distribution on higher and lower levels. I thought of it as an important fact as most consumers of family cars need to be sure in their cars restraint system.

4. That’s why the contrast in volume distribution is obvious: the top of the car is more smooth and the bottom more massive. The image is like that: a solid bottom guards the smooth top.

5. The contrast is underlined by different materials: glossy surface of plastic and glass with rough aluminum.

6.  First sketches

7. The arched furniture of a Scandinavian designer Alvar Aalto inspired me greatly. The smooth lines of this furniture are supported by massive elements. As a result I found my solution for the car style.

8. Functional solution consists of the following.

9. Different number of luggage and passengers make the specificity of the family car. It’s necessary to drive kids to the school or to go  fishing with friends, to go to the park with children to roll there or to travel with all your family members to another city.

10. Here is my way to solve that problem: the newly organized trunk room with the help of coffers.

11. Here is a typical situation: a company of friends go to a trip and there can be 7 of them without sacrificing the luggage. The entire luggage can be carried in the coffers outside of the car.

12. If there are 5 people in the car, one can put the luggage inside or outside of the car in the coffers.

13. Another typical situation is the ride around the town. The car is almost empty. In this case one can put the coffers inside the car. 

14. If the coffers are off the car the trunk is 880L.

15. One can put the coffers in the retractable rack. So the things can be compactly kept in the garage or any side chamber. Every coffer has retracted wheels that allows use them as a separate container.

16. One can organize his or her trunk volume as they like. It depend on the luggage and the number of passengers.

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