Alex Hoch - Le Mans prototype

Jul 27, 2012
Author: Alex Hoch
Photos: Alex Hoch
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The 3rd term project was about a Le Mans prototype for the 24 heures du mans. The package included a hydrogen fueled engine, a lot of aerodynamic, two seats, and a snake tank which is a development by the Hochschule Ingolstadt.

My concept isn`t a redefinition of a high-end racecar - it`s a evolution. I was trying to reduce the volume of the current LMP2 racecar and thought about new High-Tec devices to reduce weight and volume. The aerodynamic was very important to me and every shape had to produce down force. And one thing is clear - It gotta look really fast.

So I choose thin layers as structure to connect the wheels to the monocoque and give the car the right stiffness. To get a better Cx I covered the fender wells with flexible plastic material which includes a composite of Memory Metal instead of the average suspension and steering.

The design is all about producing down force and pushing forward, but the center of the car is the exhaust. I used to celebrate the exhaust because it spitts water and nothing else. The whole car looks pretty technical and functional to keep the credibility of a high-end racer.

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