Geneva Motor Show 2011 2011 New Mercedes-Benz SLK

Jan 13, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Mercedez-Benz
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Mercedes-Benz has launched the new generation SLK roadster. Just like the “four-door coupe” CLS, the model has been seriously modernized. The frame has stayed the same, the feeling of freshness comes from the cardinally changed front and back of the car, and from a brand new interior design also.

The almost vertical grille on the front, new hood lengthening the car by sight, short rear overhang and cuts in the front wings – all this seem to make the SLK related to the classic Mercedes-Benz sports cars, such as the famous 300 SL Gullwing. It’s interesting that the blunt-nosed shape is not damaging to the airflow at all, just the reverse – the drag coefficiency decreased from 0.32 to 0.30.

 ‘Magic Sky Control’ is another interesting option – a removable roof with changeable limpidity.

Though the dimensions stayed the same, the compartment became roomier, as the designers claimed. The interior design has the same style as the SLS’s – perhaps, the most effective look is from the driver’s seat. Standard specifications have buffed aluminium in the interior, wooden finishing is also optional.

For the first production year only two engines are offered: V6 (302 hp 3.5 l) for the SLK350, which does 96 km in 5.4 s; and V4 (201 hp, 1.8 l), which is more economical, but does 96 km in 6.5 s.

The new SLK is equipped with an advanced safety system: the car can watch the driver’s physical condition, brake automatically if needed, and watch road signs.

Orders of the new Mercedes-Benz are being taken from the 17 January 2011. EU prices are €38675 for the SLK 200, €44256 for the SLK 250, and €52300 for the SLK 350.

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