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Feb 22, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
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Smart has prepared an electric concept called Forspeed, which displays the future of the popular micro car: it is going to stay this compact and cheerful.

Some of the elements applied in the concept, perhaps, will be repeated in the new generation smart fortwo. Headlights, for instance: of course, they won’t look so futuristic, but the projected blinkers seem to be good, or the radiator grille with hexagonal holes and smooth sides. Metallic white is today’s main colour for the young brand: the escooter and ebike shown at Paris were coloured the same. The forspeed’s exterior blends with the interior, which is also painted with white enamel.

The designers decided to add to their creature’s appearance some vintage elements: naturally coloured leather insets, unoccupied seats are covered with a leather hood when the weather is bad; the huge gauges and devices in front of the driver and the passenger create associations with aviation from the beginning of the last century. Those who want to refresh themselves with a breeze can open the air inlet near the lower edge of the windscreen.

The electric motor with the power of 30 kw is placed in the rear part, and turning on he boost button adds 5 kw more for a short time – which is useful, for instance, when overtaking. The Li-Ion batteries with 16.5 kwh capacity are charged from 220v socket. Full charge provides 135 km, and the 80% charging takes 45 minutes. The car reaches 60 km/h in 5.5 seconds, and the top speed goes up to 120 km/h.

By the way, the electric smarts have already been launched – 1500 models have come off the assembly line so far and are used in 18 countries.

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