Geneva Motor Show 2011 2011 Volkswagen Go! by Italdesign

Mar 03, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Italdesign, Newspress
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Italdesign Giugiaro, which got into the Volkswagen Group only recently, has presented a couple of concepts made for the German brand: The Go! MPV and the sports hatchback Tex. The both cars are built on the MQB platform engineered by Volkswagen. The platform allows using nearly all power plants: whether it’s hybrid, gas or hydrogen. The Go! is totally electric, and the Tex is hybrid, and the production cars based on this platform will appear next year.

Giorgetto Giugiaro says when working on the Go! he remembered all his experience in MPV designing, starting with the ‘67 New York Taxi Concept. Perhaps, the side glazing looks old-fashioned, but Giugiaro makes no secret of using his ’88 Asgard’s idea. Low window outline provides great observation while maneuvering, though only the lower parts of the glass go down.

What about the rear sliding doors gear it is borrowed from the VW Taxi Milano Concept. An inset in the rear window hides a wiper and a rear view camera, and the rear door is opened by  foot – just pass the foot under the bumper. In the Go!’s compartment there are five separate seats with electric drive, and the rear row folds from the touch of a button, making room for 525 l luggage. The most important gauges, devices and the camera screens Giugiaro placed beside the windscreen outline.

Go! has a large wheelbase (just like the Passat’s – 2700 mm) with the whole length of the body of 3990 mm. The batteries are hidden under the front and rear seats, providing an equal weight distribution (58% on the front, 42% on the back). The technical specifications aren’t disclosed, the only thing known is that it is capable of going 240 km without recharge.

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