Shustrov Replica R

Mar 30, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
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Shusrtov Cars is a company founded by Vadim Shustrov, who’s currently creating along with like-minded others light sports cars and dreaming of beginning a small series production which is gradually being embodied – with six chassis, still in their exploring stage, and several different body styles.

Shustrov’s start-off was a retro fashioned Pegas coupe, with the sequential Candy Car dragster and Replica R, which was unveiled at the recently held “Oldtimer Gallery” and which outlines that unmistakably bear a strong likeness to the famous “humpbacked” Zaporozhets.

The looks are the customer’s choice after a 1.5 ruble down payment. So for those of you who have had a longing for the two-engined soviet Zaporojets once built by El-Motors in Moscow the realisation of owning a car similar to this is possible. So, Shustrov bought the moulds and after some tweaking made the body panels for the car to come.

Replica R is essentially a big cart covered by a light  fiberglass body with an unpretentious frame of steel coupled with racing safety cage; and with an engine placed from the rear and the suspension fixed by two transversal bars. The steering wheel, pedals, dashboard and two sports seats create a Spartan spirit for the interior - and that’s all.

In the pictures you can see the car has an enhanced supercharged engine from AvtoVAZ producing 220 horses with 250 possible (it’s all about the recourses); and a hundred is a matter of 5 seconds. A lighter and more controllable variant with better dynamics for the vehicle would be the Suzuki Hayabusa’s unit which could be forced to 250 either… of course, in case you don’t mind spending $33500 more.

While Shustrov’s car are in the deal a new body named Modul drawn by Andrey Chrirkov from slava’saakyan studio is on the way.

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