Chevrolet Mi-Ray

Mar 30, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Chevrolet
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The GM Advanced Design Studio developed a concept roadster Chevrolet Mi-Ray evidently response to the Audi e-tron – both the vehicles have not only the concept idea in common but even the front styling with “scowling” lights.

The exterior is referred to as classic, and bears some resemblance to other Chevrolet models like the Monza SS (1963) and Corvair Super Spyder (1962) and some jet fighter reminiscences, the side wings’ shape is borrowed from early Corvettes. Take a look at the distinctive flaps giving additional airflow control, behind them the back is flanked with petrol cap and charge port.

Unlike the all-electric e-port, the MYRI is a hybrid and has two additional electric motors of 15 kw each. They are to be used for city driving or while on a highway and play a subsidiary role, to the main petrol engine. A  1.5 l engine is placed behind the driver and powers the rear axle – with all considered it allows great freedom of choice: the vehicle can be either 4WD, AWD or RWD. The average fuel consumption is promised to be 3.92 l per hundred or 3.73 l on a highway.

The roadster has a carbon fibre body, aluminium chassis and a rather modest 3991 mm length, 1865 mm width and 1100 mm height with a wheelbase of 2375 mm. On their tiny baby they mounted 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheeldisks.

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