Auto Shanghai 2011 Peugeot SXC

Apr 14, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
Photos: Peugeot
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Shanghai will be a birthplace of a new Peugeot concept crossover, the SXC (Shanghai Cross Concept). The vehicle was designed at the subsidiary studio, China Tech Centre in Shanghai, and is a continuation of the recent marque’s Gilles Vidal style strategy previously seen on the SR1 roadster concept, BB1 city car, EX1 electric tricycle and HR1 SuperMini SUV for city driving.

It wasn’t a coincidence that they have chosen this type of vehicle for the Chinese market: crossovers are on the rise now in this country. Coupled together are, soft lines and large 22-inch wheel rims, conceal the vehicle’s real size – in fact, the SXC is larger than the BMW X5 or VW Touareg, it is 4870 mm long, 1610 mm high and 2035 mm wide.

Stylistically the new concept is similar to the HR1, a bit gaunt with oriental squinting headlights and brushed aluminium decoration. The reverse-hinged doors are quite unexpected, while the panoramic roof is usual for the PSA concepts.

In the concept they applied Hybrid4 technology for the power plant: its internal combustion engine powers the front axle, and the electric one powers the rear, which allows it to be four-wheel drive while avoiding the usage of a drive shaft, and also it allows driving with only the electric motor, without C02 emissions. The petrol engine develops 218 hp, and electric motor – 95 hp, which in sum produces 313 hp (230 kW) with average consumption of 5.8 l per hundred km.

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