Tokyo Motor Show 2011 2011 Motorized mobility, KOBOT debut!

Dec 02, 2011
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
Photos: Kowa
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Kowa tmsuk is a joint venture company established in February 2011. Kowa, manufacture of pharmacenticals and electro-optronics instruments, and tmsuk, developer of service robots, unified their opinions to create an environmental & human friendly electrical mobility. From the different business area, Kowa- tmsuk is entering the market and develop products that reflect consumers’ point of view.

For this Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Kowa present their New Electro-Mobility “KOBOT”, which conventional car manufacturers may not even think of collaboration of service Robot company (Tmsuk) and Electro-optical company (Kowa) created a concept mobility, that transform its Body to even more compact size, remote control by using Smart Phone, etc. “KOBOT” is designed to change the future mobility, transportation environment, as well as the relationship between vehicle and human.

Three concepts were behind their development.
1) To be ultra-compact vehicles that are extremely easy to handle and loaded with fun.
2) To feature extensible and collapsible mechanisms for reduced parking-space footprints.
3) To become part of an integrated traffic system featuring a uniquely idealized navigation system with provisions for car sharing.

When parked, these two vehicles collapse into compact masses. They extend to their driving modes using smartphones, for example, as their remote controls. (Slide of the two fully collapsed, then a slide of them in driving mode.) In consideration of coexistence with pedestrians, we gave these vehicles the ability to turn extremely sharply at low speed with front wheels pivoting sharply and rotating at different speeds.

Design advisor/Professor Koji Kimura of Nishinippon Institute of Technology Realization of a system construction aiming at a navigation system,based on a unique idea, and car sharing. Telescopic foldable structure is employed which is convenient in terms of space saving in a parking lot. Transforms to the “RUN” mode by operating a smart phone.
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