Moscow International Auto Show 2012 2012 Lada Xray Concept

Sep 03, 2012
Photos: Lada
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The Lada Xray Concept is more than just a concept car. It represents an under the skin view of the changes happening at Lada cars. Not only does the Xray Concept radiate a new design language, it is an integral part of the design development and future design strategy of Lada cars.

With AVTOVAZ's ambitious growth plans for its product portfolio for the Lada  brand in the future, the Xray Concept has been designed to encapsulate the Crossover, compact SUV and 4x4 segment. This is one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive industry today. This vehicle aims to full fill the changing individual needs and requirements of a new breed of customer.

The Xray Concept been designed with the consumer’s new free spirit in mind and represents a new era in the design of Lada cars. The Lada Xray Concept is a dynamic 4 seater crossover which encompasses various SUV, 4x4 design cues. It is a vehicle which represents contrast. Designed with both Urban and rural environments in mind, the Xray Concept show cases a form of individuality and expressiveness.


The vertical front and horizontal bonnet of the Xray Concept  together with the steeply raked windscreen and coupe like curved roofline all add together to give the vehicle an extremely modern profile.  The short overhangs, sculptural rear and dynamic stance all contribute to the Lada Xray’s individual proportions. The Xray Concept previews the new front end look of future Lada cars. It represents the ongoing design strategy and creation of an expressive and confident new vehicle face for the brand.

This can clearly be seen by the bold and unmistakable X shaped grill of the Xray Concept, which together with the integrated angled headlamps forms a distinctive but at the same time unique character and strong new brand identity.

The enlarged Lada emblem is now sitting on an individual plinth which has become an integral part of the grill. The graphic execution of the x- shaped grill of the Xray Concept is also emphasized by two individual polished aluminum   inserts which are attached to the outer flanks of the black high gloss grill. They act as two halves of the X and altogether these elements give the vehicle not only a wide, but also a strong visual impact and road presence. The clamshell bonnet of the Lada Xray Concept together with the eyebrow indicators is reminiscent of the iconic 4x4 design from Lada.

The Xray Concept has been created with a harmonious balance between architecturally constructed surfaces and tense lines, and the emotional purity of naturally inspired sculptural forms. The vehicles clearly defined wheel arches are emphasized by the fusion of concave and convex surfaces which are encapsulated by a sharp intersecting line which itself has its own unique character. This surfacing on the Xray Concept resembles the highly tuned muscles of a thoroughbred race horse (or athlete). The wheel arches of the Xray Concept together with the directional boundary lines of this body side sculpturing give the whole vehicle projects a feeling of motion.

The Xray Concept’s side glass continues uninterrupted into the high mounted rear lamps, which themselves are harmoniously integrated into the sculptural surfaces of the tailgates rear screen. The visual appearance of the rear is enhanced by the distinctive illuminated graphics that the rear lamps individual functions project. The hard edged shoulder of the Xray Concept flows horizontally in contrast to the two main fender feature lines and the fluid sections used in the body side sculpturing. The complete body surfaces of the Lada Xray Concept have been designed to achieve a strong feeling of solidity and robustness while at the same time depicting an extreme dynamic and expressiveness. The matt finish to the solar bronze paint (livery) used on the Xray Concept perfectly previews the aesthetic design language of the vehicles body surfacing. Combined with the high gloss black grill and rear bumper insert, as well as the polished aluminum details on the body and bumpers an extremely modern appearance has been created for the Lada Xray Concept.


The ergonomically designed interior of the Xray Concept continues with the design themes of strong contrasts used in the exterior and the X shaped graphic of the vehicles front grill. The driver orientated cockpit is built up in layers, each with its own function and colour break up. The 3 dimensionally designed main instrument cluster of the Xray Concept is dominated by one large circular dial (speedometer) which receives its own individual illuminated housing. This is flanked by two separate screens which provide the driver with the additional information he needs.

The whole instrumentation cluster is enclosed in a glossy black housing which also incorporates both of the driver’s air vents. This is graphically executed similar to the Xray Concept’s exteriors x- shaped grill. It is surrounded by a floating panel also in the same matt finish solar bronze soft touch paint. There is also an ambient light source which circles around this panel to enhance the floating appearance as well as creating a unique night time ambience for the Xray Concept. This split panel which wraps around the drivers environment also incorporates the main human interface zone of the interior.

The centrally mounted control toggle wheel is also illuminated for ease of use. It is the main interface element for all subsequent information for the driver needs, whether that's infotainment, navigation, telephone functions or the cars setting. This control unit interacts with the pop up screen which displays all this necessary information for both driver and passenger. It is also surrounded by some buttons which allow quick access to the main functions. It has been designed with the driver’s ease of use in mind.

As with the exterior design, the interior of the Lada Xray Concept has been created between a balance of architecturally constructed lines and surfaces and dynamically flowing forms. Extreme emphasis has been put into to creating an interior which is both pleasing to the eye and practical for the driver and his passengers. While the driver of the Xray Concept is surrounded by a darker coloured environment,  the front passenger in contrast receives a very light coloured environment. The high belt line of the Lada Xray Concept provides all the occupants with a cocooning environment, which subsequently gives a strong feeling of security and safety. The panoramic glass roof of the Xray Concept gives a feeling of openness and lightness is incorporated to enhance the driving experience.

Each of the vehicles occupants are treated with similar surrounding. The floating panel inserts which are the main theme from the door of the Xray Concept are also to be found on the side panels for the rear occupants. Just like the solar bronze panel on the cockpit these floating panels are also surrounded by a backlit ambient light source. Each of the rear passengers receives his own grab handle in front of the arm rests, while the front passenger receives an additional handle in the center console for extra stability in dynamic driving situations. A harmonious and relaxed atmosphere has been created in the Xray Concept with the colour choices of the interior.

Natural different shades of bronze and brown together with a lighter contrasting upper section to the instrument panel and doors enriches the interior appearance. This contrasting design theme of the Xray Concept’s interior has been thought through to every single detail of the interior. Throughout the Xray Concept’s interior all of the seats receive a x-shaped graphical break up which is enhanced by the contrasting shades of brown leather, light piping and orange stitching. Ease of access is given to the rear passenger due to the movement of the front seats which slide forward and then pivot.

All together the Lada Xray Concept has been created to show case the expansion plans into new vehicle segmentation for the Lada brand. It also previews a new design strategy in creating a distinctive new look for the front face of the Lada  brand and explores new forms of design language and DNA.

The Lada Xray Concept is an insight into the future of Lada cars.

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  • Jessicagreen 12th September 2012 | 13:25
    WoW! such a nice car.
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