International Sketch Fighter SPD contest winners

Sep 22, 2011
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
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Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD and designers from the Volkswagen today annonced winners list of the First International Sketch Fighter contest.

According to SPD and VW the holders of the scholarships are (with VW designers short comments):

100% scholarships (2 winners):

Vasily Markin (VasiliYmarkin) - the best hand of the contest, we loved style and proportions of sketches, the stains of cars as well as presentation of portfolio, bravo.


Vasily Hurynovich (Melis) - very fresh technique of sketching and good level of using of 3d which is very important in design proses.

50% of scholarship (2 winners):

Dario Liotine (darioL) - amazing fantasy artworks with incredible "extraterrestrial" shapes.


Libo Lui (romanlb) - excellent level of hand sketches.

30% (2 winners):

David Jee Mac Kim (JEEMAC) - very good level of sketches and ideations.


Ilyas Minbagisov (F14) - very good photoshop skills.

All works of the Sketch Fighter contest you can see here -
The final round works are here -

All winners must write to SPD E-mail: for instruction how to receive scholarship contract and start study.


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  • Jochem 21st September 2011 | 17:02
    Many congratulations to all winners! I hope you have a great time studying!

    I hope to be there as well some day...
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