82nd Geneva Motor Show 2012 Opel e-bike

Apr 14, 2012
Author: Daniel Tomicic
Photos: KISKA
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Opel caused a stir at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with the announcement of its innovative RAD e concept. Following in the tradition of the Ampera and RAK e, this e-bike concept, with its pedelec drive, extends and enhances Opel’s e-mobility strategy.

The RAD e is being presented at a time when e-bikes are increasingly seen as key elements of forward-looking mobility concepts. To help bring the concept to completion, Opel worked with design and brand consulting company KISKA, maintaining a partnership that had previously created the Opel RAK e.

Announced in Opel’s 150th anniversary year, the RAD e builds a bridge from the company’s origins in bicycle manufacture to its current position as the transportation producer of the future. The RAD e is the first e-bike designed around automotive production methods. It is made of hollow pressed-steel which is light, strong, flexible and easy to make.

The ‘boomerang’ styling elements, which also feature in the award-winning Ampera and RAK e, give the RAD e a dynamic, sporty character. Other design highlights include the almost self-supporting frame, which makes the battery the heart of the bike; the dynamic flow of lines; and the fully-enclosed drive, which reduces maintenance needs to a minimum.

“The challenge of this project was to ensure maximum production efficiency on the one hand, while making the design as forward-looking and appealing as possible," says Marcus Waldmann, managing partner and project manager of the RAD e project at KISKA.

The pedelec drive of the RAD e is based on a state-of-the-art 250 Watt electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. It provides an electrically-assisted range of 60 to 140 km, depending on the terrain. The battery is also compatible with Opel’s FlexFix bicycle carrier system, making it possible to charge the e-bike while driving a car.

“With KISKA, we found a strong partner with a lot of experience in two-wheel-mobility. The design team was able to bring our design to life and transform it into a unique e-bike," says Mark Adams, Vice-President for Design at Adam Opel AG.

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