Chris Bangle announces the winner

Apr 27, 2012
Author: Daniel Tomicic
Photos: Chris Bangle
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Chris Bangle announces the winner of Illustrate The Futureat the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

Luis Fernando Peña Delgado is the winner of the design contest Illustrate The Future, promoted by Chris Bangle Associates on January 9, 2012 which ended on March 31st, 2012 at noon Italian time zone. Chris announced the winner in Beijing during the
opening days of the International Automotive Exhibition, after an intense work of selection and evaluation done by the Jury in the last two weeks. Under the direction of Chris, the judges selected the ten finalists and the overall winner by following the

criteria of closeness to the original text, creative content, illustrative quality.

The contest was addressed to students of all disciplines of design from all over the world and asked participants to interpret and translate into images some excerpts of the eBook “Peter Teuful, A Tale of car design in Three parts”, written by Chris

Bangle. The international mix of students ––notably from Italy, India, United States, Germany, Iran, Brazil, Spain, Bosnia Herzegovina, Mexico, and China––responded with a wide range of interpretations, from very believable technical illustrations, to

wildly imaginative fictional cinema-like scenarios, even completely metaphysical yet fascinating artworks.

Luis Fernando Peña Delgado, 22, is a student of design at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, and his work convinced the Jury of his ability in translating Chris’ descriptions into images, while demonstrating strong illustration skills. Luis’

drawings and a selection of all ten finalists’ work will be published in the second edition of the eBook “Peter Teuful, A Tale of car design in Three parts”, on sale from June 25th 2012 on Amazon.

Chris Bangle: “Luis’ work showed a passion for the elements to be designed in the story, and in particular the jury and I were inspired by his illustration technique that was at once precise enough to grasp yet left much to the imagination. His use of line-work without heavy shadows gave the drawings a good sense of life and made them seem almost prescient––as if I had been basing the text on them and not the other way around.”
Luis will be offered a one week visit to the CBA Studio in Italy, including a design workshop with Chris Bangle or a prize of € 2000,00.

The other 9 finalists selected are Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia, Stefano Drago, Andrea Bertussi, Jacopo Bobbo, Geser Alan Dos Santos Silva, Massimo Bertoletti, Gerardo Delgado Martinez, Bruno Maria Arena, Dario Pellegrino.

In addition to the ten finalists, the Jury selected two participants for a special mention. The first mention went to Antonio Orsini, a young student from Issam of Modena (Italy), who sadly passed away at the age of 21 a few days before sending his work to CBA. Antonio’s family submitted his drawings and Chris Bangle and CBA want to express their deepest sympathy and condolences to all his relatives and friends; it is tragic to lose one so young and full of creative potential.The second mention was given to Marta Muschietti, a student of the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, for the strength of her highly editorial interpretation and her unique vision of Peter Teuful’s world. The names and the illustrations of the ten finalists, as well as of the two special mentions, are online from today on CBA’s website

Will your next “car” fix you Bloody Marys? Is there a special “Hell” just for Car Designers? Where does the 4-headed marketing Dogma keep its fourth head? Peter Teuful, A Tale of Car Design in Three Parts, is a fiction work based on a well-known story: “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. In this unusual 3-part series Chris Bangle explains the Car Design business as he sees it: the secret to doing True Car Design as learned from the past; the twisted reality of Car Design as it has become today; and the inevitable future that awaits those who will choose this "profession" in the future if things do not change. In each part the Ghosts of Car Design Past, Present, and Future take the protagonist——a cynical (and all too believable) Design

Director named Peter Teuful——for a trip to see what Car Design was, is, and will be.

“Peter Teuful, A Tale of Car Design in Three Parts” is on sale on Amazon:
Readers can buy the entire volume for € 7.05 / £ 5.85 / $ 9.48 or one of the three individual parts, each one with its own cover, € 2.68 / £2.27 / $ 3.60. An extensive "Table of Contents", with explanations and a wide series of excerpts, are there to provide the reader with a general impression on the book.
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