Sketch Fighter SPD 2012 international

Aug 05, 2012
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
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On Wednesday, August 8th, the website officially starts the international competition Sketch Fighter SPD 2012! The competition is held in cooperation with the famous Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano) and the primary prize will be the 100% educational grant on the program Master in Transportation Design in 2012/ 2013 academic year. Besides, the winner will receive fashionable glasses Samal Design 6dpi Black-Blue.

The rules are very simple: the competition consists of seven laps each lasting 24 hour plus the final. The task for each lap is announced before the start on the forum of in a designated topic where the participants will add their projects. There will be 24 hour for completing each task, plus 5 minutes for upload their sketches. At 8:05 pm next day sharp the topic will be closed and those participants who will not download their works will be excluded from the competition. At 9:00 pm the topic with projects will be opened and the voting will start where every guest of the website can vote for three projects. 15 participants with the majority of votes for 5 laps will qualify for the final. The voting will last until the next lap.

The participants will have two days to complete the final task. The winner of the competition will be chosen by the jury consisting of the SPD director signor Antonello Fusetti, a VW Group representative, and designer Dmitry Samal (Samal Design Studio). When choosing the winner of the competition not only the project of the final lap will be taken into consideration, but also portfolio and resume of the applicant (please, get ready beforehand!). It is necessary to have at least basic command of the English language for studying.

The schedule of the competition:
lap 1 – August 8 (Wednesday), 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm GMT August 9 (Thursday)
lap 2 – August 10 (Friday), 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm GMT August 11 (Saturday)
lap 3 - August 12 (Sunday), 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm GMT August 13 (Monday)
lap 4 – August 14 (Tuesday), 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm GMT August 15 (Wednesday)
lap 5 – August 16 (Thursday), 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm GMT August 17 (Friday)

The final – August 20-22, the start of the final is on Monday at 8:00 pm (GMT), deadline is on Wednesday 8:00 pm (GMT).
The results of each lap will be announced next evening. The results of all 5 laps and the finalists will be announced in the evening, August 18. The winners will be announced during 10 days after the end of the competition.

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