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Mar 27, 2012
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
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Bombardier YouCity is an online competition about the evolution of mobility in fast-growing urban areas. "With more than two thirds of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, these commercial and cultural hubs urgently need to evolve in terms of improving the mobility of their populations and driving sustainable economic growth", says Martin Ertl, Chief Innovation Officer for Bombardier Transportation. "Our YouCity contest will provide innovators of the future a unique platform to demonstrate what smart urban mobility will look like on the horizon."

The online competition is open to students and professionals with a vision for the future of urban mobility from developed cities to emerging cities of the future.


01.03.2012: Registration to the competition is open
16.04.2012: Competition starts with Task 1
14.05.2012: Task 1 is closed. Launch of Task 2
10.06.2012: End of the online competition
July 2012: Jury meeting
01.08.2012: Announcement of winners on the website
17.09.2012: Bonus Task 3 held as an offline workshop: “YouCity Innovation Camp” starts in Berlin
20.09.2012: Final presentation and Award ceremony at InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin


In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can not only submit your proposals and become eligible for the prizes, but also read, evaluate and comment on any other participant’s proposals.

The Registration and participation will happen in just a few easy steps:

     1. Personal information and agreement to the Terms & Conditions

Candidates will be asked to fill in their personal details, so that they can be contacted if they are nominated for a prize. They will also have to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Bombardier YouCity Innovation Contest before going to the next step.

     2. Individual participation or team work

Candidates can participate individually, or decide to form a team of up to 5 participants. They are asked to register on the website by May 13, 2012. New teams can be formed or members added as long as registration is open.

     3. Target city

To focus the contest, Bombardier has selected three cities to represent the different markets for urban mobility around the world: London, UK (mature market), Belo Horizonte, Brazil (BRIC market) and Vientiane, Laos (emerging market). Each candidate/team will choose one city on which they will base their proposal.

     4. Work stream

The teams and individual candidates will then be asked to develop their concepts in one of three work streams focused on: engineering (product definition, technical concept), business (business model, stakeholders, financing strategy) and urban planning (network layout, urbanism concepts, integration).

The online tasks

The competition will consist of three tasks. The first task starts on April 16, 2012 and ends on May 13, 2012. The second task starts on May 14, 2012 and ends on June 10, 2012. The 3rd task is a bonus task held as an offline workshop in Berlin in September 2012.

In each task, participants will be asked to answer some general questions. Their answers will have to be presented in a one-page document, with no restriction in terms of layout. This document will be the base for the expert evaluation. Candidates will nonetheless be able to attach any additional document they want to detail or further illustrate their proposal. These documents might be very valuable for the community ratings.

Here the general description of the 2 tasks:

     • Task 1:

The candidates will start by drawing an overview of the current and upcoming issues and bottlenecks of their target city's urban mobility, and provide a more detailed analysis of the most important one(s). They will then have to come up with a solution to the challenge(s) analyzed earlier. The candidates will present a concept that will solve or significantly improve the current situation, or that will prevent a future issue. The most important is to be concrete and specific!

     • Task 2:

The second task is about a fully comprehensive and holistic approach. How does the proposal fit in the global picture for that city? This final proposal should combine all of the 3 aspects: Engineering, Business and Urban planning. Therefore, the candidates are strongly invited to collaborate and enrich their concept with ideas from other work streams than their own!


The concepts will be evaluated by experts from Bombardier and voted for by YouCity's online community at as well as on social media. All participants are invited to evaluate the designs in the competition, thereby supporting the jury and increasing their activity counter. They can do so by stating whether they like or dislike other contestant’s proposals through an intuitive vote. They can also go one step further and give a 1 to 5 rating to other proposals. The current average rating is continuously updated and displayed pool of all proposals.

Criteria for the community and expert evaluation are:

     • Innovativeness
     • Performance
     • Cost/Benefit Ratio
     • Feasibility
     • Global/ Replaceability

Comments/ Messages

Beside the possibility of evaluating the ideas of others, participants can also post comments on every submitted proposal or reply to the comments of others. Participants can also leave public messages to other community members on their profiles by using the message-function on the member's profile.

Leaving comments and messages also increases the participant’s activity counter.

Announcement of the winners and award ceremony

A final jury will choose one winning team for each stream. The competition is then over, and the 3 winning teams will be invited to participate in a collaborative Innovation Workcamp, in Berlin. The most active and valuable community participant will also be invited to join the winners in Berlin for the Innovation Workcamp. The outcome of the Innovation Workcamp will be presented at the Bombardier booth on September 20th, 2012 at InnoTrans, the world's largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry, in Berlin.

Video challenge

During the two online tasks the teams can upload videos around the topic of mobility. Based on the number of Facebook Likes as well as the expert voting the team will earn bonus points. The task is to produce a creative 2-minutes video with the topic “Your vision of tomorrows urban mobility”. This video should be uploaded on YouTube and then linked to the platform.

Final jury members

     • André Navarri – President and Chief Operating Officer
     • Josef Doppelbauer – Vice President Project Management and Chief Technical Officer
     • Sharon Christians – Vice President Communications & Public Affairs
     • Katrin Luger – Vice President Strategy
     • Dagmar Blume – Senior Director Strategy & Sales, Systems Division

About Bombardier

Bombardier is a global transportation company, present in more than 60 countries on five continents. We operate two industry-leading businesses:

     • Aerospace
     • Rail transportation

Our 70,000 employees design, manufacture, sell and support the widest range of world-class products in these two sectors. This includes commercial and business jets, as well as rail transportation equipment, systems and services. Bombardier is

headquartered in Montréal, Canada, and its shares (BBD) are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In the fiscal year ended Deceember 31, 2011, we posted revenues of $18.3 billion US.

Web site:
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