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Oct 15, 2012
Author: Daniel Tomicic
Photos: GrabCAD
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The legendary Group B Rally cars no longer race, but the spirit of providing the quickest, most powerful 

and sophisticated land going “passenger” vehicles lives today. Read the Wikipedia link for a short history of Group B rally cars and Auto Evolution for a small collection of Group B rally cars from the recent past.

CyDesign Labs is building a detailed physics based modeling and simulation environment and wants to have a great looking car to use in this simulated environment. CyDesign Labs is in need of detailed CAD surface model of what a Group B Rally car would look like today, using modern design and styling techniques. The challenge, though, is that the final design must not replicate existing, trademark and copyright protected automobiles or automobile shapes produced today. The only requirement of the design, beyond the specs, is that the CyDesign logo (see below), must be integrated into the paint scheme/graphics on the Group B Rally car. Subsequent sponsor logos are not required; trademark and copyright protected graphics are not permitted. Given the CyDesign logo, the Group B Rally Car history, images and desired specs (see below), can you produce a detailed surface model? If so, cash is in your skills. No internal surfaces or components are required- only external surfaces need to be modeled and then rendered.

- The competition is open to everyone; public entries only.
- One engineer can submit several entries, but no more than one will win a prize.
- Tag your rendering with “CyDesign Rally Car Challenge” when uploading it to GrabCAD to make it easier to find.
- Only models uploaded to GrabCAD library will participate in the competition.
- Only models uploaded through this challenge page here will participate in the competition.
- The competition ends 10/29/12.
- The contest sponsor has the right to use the winning entry for marketing purposes and becomes owner of the winning design.

- Must be appropriate for a 1982 - 1984 Group B rally car, but using 2012 styling cues.
- Does not need to comply with all Group B rules.
- Can be varied parametrically to accommodate a range of: 
- Wheel-bases (2000-2700 mm) 
- Front and rear track widths (1400-1600 mm)
- Ground clearances (150-300 mm)
- Accommodates a family of wheels and tires combinations 
- Smooth road 
- Off-road (a variety of sizes) 
- Snow ready (studded or cleated)
- Wheel arches large enough for wheel motion to be visible during simulation.
- Could be front, rear, or mid-engined, or provide separate model for each type
- Optional aerodynamic kit(s) are permissible.
- The 3D model must have the body and wheels as separate entities.
- Integrate the CyDesign Labs logo into the paint scheme/graphics for the rally car.
- The car visualized must not replicate existing or previously produced, recognizable, automobiles or automobile shapes which are trademark and/or copyright protected by their respective owners.
- Models can be done in any CAD software, but must be exportable to the collada format. Entries without associated collada (dae) files will not be considered.
- The specifications for the visualization must be followed as closely as possible:
- max ~150,000 vertices
- 1 color map, max 1024x1024, preferred over flat color shading
- 1 bump map, max 1024x1024, surface details
- Geometry split up by component function and/or material
- Mesh hierarchy flat with one root node and many children for each submesh
- Pivot positions should at the center of volume for each sub mesh 
- Mesh size should be at 1:1 scale
- All surfaces should be double-sided to facilitate real-time mesh slicing 
- Exportable to the collada format (dae).
- Submesh volumes should be preserved, i.e. an assembly with a shaft partially embedded should contain the entire shaft not just the visible portion.
- The 3D CAD models only require external surfaces modeled and rendered; no internal surfaces/components needed/required.
- Mono-chromatic coloring with minimal shading required; do not need complex, multi-light source shading.
- 3D CAD models require one axis of rotation.
- The submissions will be judged on realism, creativity and composition, use of CyDesign logo.

- 1st Prize - $3,000 cash + CyDesign T shirt
- 2nd Prize - $1,000 cash + CyDesign T shirt
- 3rd Prize - $500 cash + CyDesign T shirt

All info:

Entries so far are awfull, so there is a lot of space for improvement, although not much time left.

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