Pforzheim University Winter Show'2011, part 1

Apr 05, 2011
Author: Grigoriy Gomelchuk
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Here comes the first part of the Winter Degree Show from Pforzheim University, which holds its degree shows twice a year: in February and in July. We have already covered the study in the University part so now we can proceed directly to the projects (here, only some of the pictures are included, the full package you can see in the photo-review).

Mensche und Maschine / Korbinian Strunz

Korbinian Strunz has presented a modern version of the plain old Messerschmitt microcar (germ. Kabinenroller).  Just like its predecessor, the new vehicle named “A man and a car” is aerodynamisised to the max, as only has the tear-shaped body and the surfaces directing the airflow.

Rebellious Architecture / Christopher Lai

According to Christopher Lai, it’s quite possible that by 2050 there will be a type of nano-spray can developed, taking street art to 3D-level! With 3D nano-spray it would be possible to draw a car in 3D! Rebellious Architecture is full of childish right-angled drawing style.

Volkswagen Simplexity / Jan Schmid

Aiming to decrease their general costs the automakers now tend to apply platform sharing. Jan Schmid’s recommendation is to explore this trend by making all bodywork modular – changing the elements would give different body styles. And here it comes – a Volkswagen coupe transforming into a SUV!

400 Megameter / Marco Pack

A vehicle for tourists on the Moon. Since there is no need in aerodynamics there, Marco Pack built its outer shell protecting from radiation, absolutely square. The inner capsule is organically outlined and shaped for its habitants.

Hacking the Car / Raphael Krome

Several times Raphael Krome has shown a rather philosophical attitude to the car industry: last year he produced an interior dealing with the driver’s laziness, and for his degree work he made a vehicle visualising the amount of CO2 in the air. The front of the vehicle has CO2 sensors and its back is mottled with holes letting out the steam from artificial ice.

Simplexity / Sebastian Platzer

Another project under the name of Simplexity (what a coincidence!). The designer took inspiration from minimalist works of Dieter Rams for Braun, and also the works Jonathan Ive (Apple) who was heavily influenced by Rams.

Dynamic Environment / Michal Wojtaczek

Dynamic Environment is a project connected more to the whole transportation system than to one vehicle, as Michal Wojtaczek, the author of the project, claims. The work was developed for 2030 and aimed at citizens in big cities. Cars will travel long distance in special trains, and when parking, they will be able to so vertically, creating more space.

Audi Airfoil / Dario Tomorad

The one-seater Audi of the future. In the front wheels of this vehicle, turbines are placed lifting the rear part a slightly (which has no wheels at all) due to the ground effect. The Audi Airfoil can move vertically, transforming into something like the Segway.

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