Summer Degree Show - Pforzheim University 2011, part 1

May 21, 2012
Photos: Pforzheim University
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Summer Degree Show - Pforzheim University 2011, part 1

Igor Vishneskiy Ford w.i.r.e. (Wireless Intelligent Resonance Electrical)

Progressed through technology it has become possible to transmit electrical power by WREL, what is the content of my concept. The energy is obtained via wireless radio transmission towers, which is stored in capacitors to supply engines with power. In this way the vehicle saves weight and space, so the interior becomes larger. The WIRE concept is placed between the B and C platform, it is 4,12m length and 1,52 m height with a little larger than the current Ford Fiesta. As long as the car stays in the receiving area of the transmitting station, the cruising range is infinite, if not, then the power stored from the capacitors can be useable about 20 km.

Marian Hilgers - BMW Compressed Luxury

The room you need to be happy, is enough. Luxury must not be like in a Rolls Royce. It can also be compressed to something much smaller. That is why I wanted to create a very small Interior that still gives you the feeling of a Luxury Car. The driver
orientated dashboard gives the driver a feeling of perfect control and the compact arrangement of the seats is the reason for a car's smaller face surface.
All the white surfaces in the interior form one unit of an E-Ink-Touchscreen in black and white, which is the only control panel in the whole car. You can arrange any Item per drag and drop where YOU want to have it. One big shutline divides the driver's and the co-driver's playground, though the driver's playground grows visually. Like this the ppl. inside the car have every important device directly around them and when you don't need the screen, the whole dashboard consists only of two simple surfaces. Luxury, Efficiency, Understatement and BMW - All in One.

Alexander Ekimov, BMW Lux Effecient

The goal of the interior-term project was to create a new kind of efficiency in the interior of a luxury vehicle. The main idea of efficient component consists in finding a way of putting all the elements in one simple composition which happens directly inside the internal space of a luxury vehicle. Also, the goal was to clear up the interior and to rethink the functionality of its elements.
The concept of the main interior composition consits in tighting the main "plate-like" element(partly flexible) between the firewall and the luggage room. This main element holds all the elements - dashboard, seats. The dashboard, which is only a board with security function for front passengers and steering wheel arrangement function is contained by the main plate-like element. The seats consist of a main structure hanging on the main element and overtake a function of entertainment for rear passengers by the integrated touch screen (inclined surface) with violent perspective. The navigating and function is included in the manual controls- gadget under the dashboard, which has all the intelligency on board.

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