2012 LTU Student Show

Jul 15, 2012
Author: Evgeniy Sherstobitov
Photos: Lawrence Technological University
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Projects from 3rd Year – Juniors and 4th year - Seniors

4th year - Seniors

Gregor Duler
Navistar D-TACH
The D-TACH is designed for the 2030 European truck market. Individual and independent truck ownership has become more dominant than the conventional freight system. The operator can choose different size containers to haul goods, lowering fuel and maintenance costs. A key enabler to this concept is the flexibility of the chassis system to disconnect from the tractor and collate to the rear of the trailer, which improves the hauling capability by pushing instead of pulling. The propulsion is electric hub motors in both the front and rear chassis. This feature, as well as a refreshed international brand DNA, creates a modern, efficient design that pushes the boundaries of the European trucking industry.

Vince Kaptur
2035 International D-Series
Strict city regulations on heavy truck emissions, weight, and size - coupled with increased populations in urban areas and greater demand for expedited delivery of goods - have necessitated a reinvention of the urban shipping and transportation industry.  Fleet transportation has migrated away from owning and operating fewer, more expensive (Class 4-8) heavy trucks in the city.  Shipping companies instead own larger fleets of more compact, efficient trucks that are operated either in-house or using "crowdsourcing"-type employment.
Inspired by Navistar’s electric eStar and its original International Harvester namesake, the 2035 International D-Series is a reinvention of the shipping industry:  compact electric drivetrain, multi-wheel steering, electro-magnetic hitching, flexible chassis architecture and advanced driver network.

Tyler Bame
2020 Mini Brand DNA Project
For this project I decided to design three different vehicles for the Mini Brand. The purpose of this was to study putting similar design language on different proportions while making sure each segment had its own unique character. The first vehicle is a compact A-segment vehicle for urban city transportation. It combines styling cues from both the current Mini Cooper and the original Morris Mini. The second vehicle is a small, mid-engine roadster that would be marketed towards the beach-loving crowd. Like the small car it has simple yet sculpted surfacing, but the front end graphics are different and the headlights are more raked back to give it a sportier feel. The third vehicle is a compact crossover for small families. It too has rounded forms but introduces more aggressive grill graphics and slightly squared headlights to evoke a sense of ruggedness and stability.

Nawar Karana
2030 Navistar FlexStar
The Navistar FlexStar is designed to revolutionize the trucking industry. The focus of this project was to personalize the truck to the driver and help eliminate the constant swapping of trucks from job to job. The area where the driver interacts is considered his personal cabin and is easily removed from the chassis via a specialized rest stop. The ability to remove the cabin from the chassis not only allows the driver to personalize his surrounding, but allows him to be more flexible by allowing the ability to utilize different power-trains in different chassis. The ability to plug into an electric chassis allows the driver to make short local deliveries whereas the ability to switch into a diesel chassis allows him to make long mileage trips. The ability to remove the chassis from the cabin allows the chassis to be placed into another waiting cabin to help keep the chassis moving and not become dead weight. The cabin that is resting is then fitted with a chassis when the driver is ready to continue his journey.

3rd Year – Juniors

Colin Bonathan
2020 Cadillac ELX
The 2020 Cadillac ELX portrays the ultimate active luxurious experience. Designed to be a welcome respite from the daily grind, the interior uses natural materials and active displays to make the user feel at ease. Light colored wood and leather, as well as ambient lighting, are used to create a sense of relaxing warmth. All touch surfaces utilize a unique bismuth telluride heat exchanger system to create the perfect temperature for the user, as well as recharging the battery with the heat differential between interior and exterior. Control screens reveal themselves through gestural motion sensing, making the customer feel in control. These features combine to make the ELX the ultimate personal spa away from home.

2018 Chrysler Ghia Coupe
The 2018 Chrysler Ghia Coupe harks back to the Chrysler design era of the 1950’s. The interior and exterior are designed to epitomize the phrase “Imported from Detroit.” Like Detroit, there is a contrast between harsh coldness and welcoming warmth. The warm wood and leather are inviting, while the cool colored leather and aluminum trim provide a backdrop hinting at Detroit’s industrial and storied past. The exterior uses sweeping lines and large volumes to portray the drama of past Chryslers. The grill is large and upright, giving an attitude only Detroit can claim.

2015 Chrysler 200
The 2015 Chrysler 200 breaks from the previous designs by moving to a RWD proportion. The use of chrome accents draws the viewer’s eyes around the vehicle, showing off its athletic proportion. The proud grill and large vents make the front sporty, while giving it a sense of defined luxury. The swooping line to the rear plants the car, making it more athletic and balanced.

Cherise Caldwell
Cadillac FLO
Playing up Universal Design as a luxury statement, this Cadillac interior concept is designed for the affluent aging population. The vehicle offers a unique bracelet key fob called FLO, which acts as an intelligent personal nurse/assistant for those who seek an independent lifestyle. FLO provides keyless entry into the vehicle. If a driver is fatigued, FLO can take command of the vehicle and take the driver safely home. To create a relaxing driving experience, the interior offers a large elliptical steering wheel with thumb rests that allow the driver an easier, more comfortable grip, thus reducing fatigue. The seat self-pivots outward for improved ingress/egress. Through Vehicle command or the push of the button, the vehicle is started and is self-driven out of any parking spot.

Kyle Robie
Cadillac Interior
This Cadillac Interior project is based around a persona who is a self-employed professional golf instructor.  His life revolves around his own personal performance.  The vehicle that I was designing for is an SUV electric derivative of the Delta II Platform.  The design of the interior was meant to push the limits of what a Cadillac could be, to a “sporty edge,” to suit the persona. The interior concepts were designed to accommodate and promote that lifestyle.  The seats have a function allowing the persona to massage their own back, through a specifically designed interface contained within the center console.  The center console also contains a proxy / RF sensing electromagnet that can hold hand-held devices, while not in use.  The entire concept revolves around an app that I have designed specifically for the persona to allow him to stay knowledgeable of his personal performance at all times, while also enhancing the use of his vehicle.

Chrysler Interior and Exterior
My Chrysler Interior project is focused on the progression of the “Imported from Detroit” slogan that is currently in use and how it affects the future Chrysler product lineup.  The asymmetrical design is meant to evoke the two sides of Detroit, high fashion and rough industrial.  I chose to represent the high fashion side with a draping form across the IP.  Within the draping form there are elegant lines that create a flow that continues throughout the rest of the interior.  For the more industrial side I used block/simplified forms, like the IP underneath the draping form.  Also, the IP contains a driver-passenger communicative interface, allowing my customer, a Detroit realtor, to work with her customers and children more efficiently, while within the vehicle.  The exterior was meant to continue the theme from the interior through to the exterior, to be a progression of the current Chrysler 200.

Jeeho Cha
Cadillac Interior
Cadillac is about persona of private house call doctor’s vehicle. Vehicle interior is all about comport of patient with theme of ‘Art and Science’ by having flower vines in the back frame. Seats are designed to fully recline and front seats fold down under the IP. This interior is designed to comfort patient and seats are fully adjustable by having two separate back support pieces. 

2025 Lincoln Continental
Exterior – Colin Bonathan     Interior – Jeeho Cha
The 2025 Lincoln Continental is designed for the discerning business man looking for an alternative mode of high-speed transportation. Road surfaces have improved significantly and road speed delimited as long distance intercity travel becomes more common. Taking notes from private jets, bullet trains, and yachts, the Continental will get its passengers from point A to point B quickly and in lavish luxury. The exterior has been designed to cut through the air efficiently, utilizing a sleek and classic body with streamlined wheel housings, active wheels and grill to balance aerodynamic and cooling needs, and integrated vortex generators to keep attached airflow around the large fender flares. In the interior, passengers can look forward to comfort supplied by the ample leg room, fully reclining Alacantara seats, stainless steel inlayed mahogany console and floor, and fresh air from an integrated bonsai tree. Interactive OLED displays overlay the mahogany console and roof glass and offer both entertainment and infotainment during long distance driving. Passengers also have access to a food cooler and beverage dispenser located in the rear. Center opening doors ease ingress and egress, while sliding trunk aids in loading luggage at departure and arrival locations.

Chrysler  Interior
Chrysler’s theme of imported from Detroit is the main idea in this project. Design was to resemble the dark beauty element of Detroit by using flowing surfaces and very organized lines. Interior used very simple lines drive from center console to top of dash as one flow. Exterior design is combined with big luxury with elegant and retro muscle car feel.

This project is designed by competition’s theme of ‘Pride and Profit’ for owner’s personal truck for Freightliner 2012 design competition. The main focus on my design is life style of my customer which is home to business and back to home with his truck. Focus is to reduce vehicle size for easy of parking and taking less space but keep the size of cabin. Also for personal weekend use owner has extra rear door to direct connection for RV trailer.

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