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Feb 09, 2012
Author: Daniel Tomicic
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Automotive Design Conference Auto(r) and websites & CarDesignCommunity announce establishment of “The Best Designed Car” award with mission to celebrate the good automotive design.

The difference from existing awards is that winners will be chosen by expert jury made of 50 respectable automotive designers and journalists (list of jury members so far). Prize giving ceremony will be at the Conference Auto(r), in Zagreb (Croatia).

We’re inviting you to join public jury and vote yourself! Cars are divided in production and concept category. Choose one car in each category and add a sentence or more to explain your choice. Vote by leaving the comment on the end of the page.

Thank you for supporting this project.

(If you are reader of CarDesign.Ru please vote here (Russian language))


Audi A6


BMW 3 Series


Citroën DS5 

Fiat Panda

 Hyundai Veloster

Kia Picanto

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Mazda CX-5

Mercedes-Benz B-Class


Mini Coupè

Opel Astra GTC


Pagani Huayra


 Porsche 911


 Shelby Tuatara

Spada Codatronca Monza

Volkswagen Up

Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale




  Alfa Romeo 4C

Audi Urban Concept

BMW ConnectedDrive

Cadillac Ciel

Chang'an Sense

Citroën Tubik

Daihatsu FC Case

Ford Evos

Icona Fuselage

Jaguar B99 Bertone

Land Rover DC100

Local Motors XC2V Flypmode

Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class

Mini Rocketman

Opel RAK e

Peugeot HX1

Renault Captur

Rimac Concept_One

Smart Forvision

Škoda Vision D

Toyota Fun Vii

Volkswagen Bulli

Volkwagen Cross Coupè

Volvo Concept You

Yo-Auto Concept

Choose one car in each category and add a sentence or more to explain your choice. Vote by leaving the comment on the end of the page.
  • miretz 9th February 2012 | 13:28
    Production car - the best is Porsche 911
    Concept car - Škoda Vision D
  • Timeshifter 9th February 2012 | 15:31
    Production car: Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale - original, simple, beautiful and with heritage
    Concept cars: If I have to pick up just one, I would pick Jaguar B99 Bertone. Reason? JUST LOOK AT IT! :D
  • David Olsen 15th February 2012 | 05:03
    Production Car - Shelby Tuatara with its definitive direction and functional venting features.
    Concept Car - Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class because that grille is a work of art and I give props to the digital modeler that had build it.
    Special Recognition - Local Motors FLYPMODE given its parameters, Victor worked his magic on another successful design!
  • ioannis 15th February 2012 | 09:33
    Production car: Citroen DS5, because has a very unoque style
    Concept car: Land Rover DC100, because is very is it so different, but equally from the current car
  • Alexander Lozovskiy 15th February 2012 | 12:45
    Cadillac Ciel and Citroen DS5
  • edu4rt 15th February 2012 | 15:04
    Production car: Citroen DS5 - unique style
    Concept car: BMW ConnectedDrive - innovative styling and use of materials
  • Dejan 16th February 2012 | 11:30
    Production car: Citroen DS5
    Concept car: Jaguar B99 Bertone
  • c117g3 16th February 2012 | 23:44
    production car :opel astra gtc
    concept car : bmw connectedrive
  • osamaaboelezz 17th February 2012 | 20:13
    Production car - Citroën DS5
    Concept car - Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class
  • chiqui59 18th February 2012 | 18:23
    Production car : Citroën DS5, looks like a concept car in the streets

    Concept Car : Land Rover DC 100, a very good reinterpretation of the old defender
  • kmanx 18th February 2012 | 22:12
    Production: shelby

    Concept: flypmode
  • koleos 20th February 2012 | 18:02
    production model: Lamborghini Aventador the most beautiful and stylish lambo for me.

    concept vehicle:Opel RAK e.Very original and unique futuristic concept car.
  • starman 29th February 2012 | 18:21
    production car: Spada Codatronca Monza- so radical! i wanna see more of such cars!

    concept car: Opel RAK-e - its funny, but also for its extraordinary approach. I also know how much Kiska and Opel devoted to this pioneering project..
  • wassimbf 1st March 2012 | 19:25
    Production : citroen DS5,
    Concept : Jaguar B99 Bertone
  • Maestro 1st March 2012 | 21:54
    Production car: Citroen DS5
    Concept car: Jaguar B99 Bertone
  • ihjaslam 2nd March 2012 | 08:41
    Production Car : Lamborghini Aventador
    Fighter from every angle.

    Concept Car : Jaguar B99 Bertone
    Unmistakable class, jaguar style.
  • MRS 5th March 2012 | 16:26
    Production car: Lamborghini Aventador - Perfect design from any angle, most aggressive design ever.
    Concept car: Cadillac CIEL - Resuscitates designs of golden decades in America
  • upiros 13th March 2012 | 22:06
    Production:even if it's not 100% production & dislike some detail (exhausts, for example) I would take the Shelby.
    Concept: it's interiors & use of new materials make me chose the BMW Connectivedrive...think investigation is quite important in a concept & it does so,thought I like more the style of the 4C
  • bassam 13th March 2012 | 22:08
    Production Car: Volkswagen Up
    Eye-relieving design, an idea on its own.

    Concept Car: BMW ConnectedDrive
    Non-Isometrically lines also can be beautiful, a piece of art where you lay down some lines and don't have to do the same on the other side.
  • NuruiGumi 14th March 2012 | 00:00
    Production Car: Huayra
    I understand the hate but I just love it, I think it's wild and bold and just has an amazing cool factor about it.

    Concept Car: B99
    I think this car is beautiful in it's simplicity and proportions. It doesn't need any crazy body lines or spoilers or huge angry eye led headlamps. It's refined yet sporty look screams jag.
  • AlanD 14th March 2012 | 09:41
    Production Car: Porsche 911 991

    Concept Car: Mercedes-Benz Concepet A-Class
  • drkimbo 16th March 2012 | 01:11
    jaguar B99
  • rmorilha 23rd March 2012 | 21:17
    Concept Car : Alfa Romeo 4C
    Production Car : Mazda CX-5
  • AHWDESIGN 29th March 2012 | 21:56
    concept car: cadillac CIEL
    Production car: Pagani huayra ,because it is a masterwork and a beauty
  • Aonepathan 21st April 2012 | 20:00
    Pagani Huayra, Horacio truly used the terms 'art and science' to create this beautiful machine, even if similar to the Zonda, it's just incredible.

    BMW Connected Drive, a retrospect car designed just like the Cadillac Ciel and Jaguar Bertone but this weighed in because of the concept: Mobility through technology and user interaction with the Blue, Green, and Red light waves. Plus has the 'cone vision' from the previous EfficientDynamics and i8.
  • clarencedesign7 26th June 2012 | 22:00
  • Inadze 16th July 2012 | 16:34
    Production car: Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

    Concept Car: Jaguar B99 Bertone
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