While adding topics in Forum discussion or comments it is forbidden to:

- Show any kind of disrespect, especially using any insulting expressions towards other visitors on the site;

- Using taboo and curse words, or their replications;

- Being rude to a Moderator or ignoring his or her advice.

- Showing criticism of a work without a proper underpinning of it;

- Underrate a designer’s role in modern society and industry, or show any negativity towards designers at all;

- Place any materials or comments out of the site’s frame/field as a professional design community;

- Place links to pirate or pornographic sources;

- Place any erotic materials;

- Place any materials advocating narcotics/drugs or alcohol;

- Place materials of racist content;

- Encourage other visitors of the site to take part in any kind of public political actions, meetings, etc.

Other things you should be aware of:

-    Comments from those who haven't specified professional details in the Portfolio page, will not to be posted. We believe that a constructive dialogue requires knowledge of the professional position of the other speakers;

-    Using CAPS LOCK for the whole text or a considerable part of it shows disrespect to the other members. Please, convey your thoughts and feelings in the content of your message, not its appearance.

-    Any personal disagreements should be confined to personal messages.

-    We would like you to forgo from placing big text blocks from other sources, and use the copy-paste scheme only where it is really necessary. It is more preferable to type the text in your own words and apply the link to the source.

Some advice:

-    When criticising a designer’s work, try to explain your opinion and say why you think so and how you would design it.

-    Please, do not show too much expression. First think of how your commentary would look from the point of view of a more experienced visitor.

-    Watch the word and deed ratio – not only criticize, but show your own expertise. Try to value your skill level and knowledge – is your advice likely to be helpful to someone?

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