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9 July 2012, 0:57
My name is Jeremy call me JCJ007 I love cars epsecially the Classics and would like to begin a discussion about the Automotive Icons.... I will list a few to start you off and then we can post pictures and increase the list discussing each one as we go.

To kick off: Etype Jag 1961, Land Rover Series I 1948, Ferrari 250GTO 1962, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1907 "the best car in the world" a true statement back in 1907, Model T Ford 1915, Porsche 911 1963 etc.

The list is much longer than this but you get the idea an icon has to be something very special which influences all that follow or stands alone as something extraordinary and difficult to better in overall concept and style. You may note the there are very few icons today there are a few from recent times like the Mclaren F1 1995 for example which rewrites all the rules but today we are awash with retro reinterpretations but few icons.

To produce new modern icons these cars are worthy of detailed study what makes them great and what could make modern versions great to. So list some more talk about some of the cars I have mentioned add pictures sketches whatever you want Ilook forward to hearing your thoughts.
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