CDC provides its services for all. To start using the site and its functions, you just need to create an account.

Please be careful when filling in the sign up form.

Sign up process 

You need to sign up to be able to use communication services on the site, take part in our Contests, create Groups, place Portfolios and much more. For this to be done, you need to click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT link on any page, in the headline near the logo.     

After that you get to the Signup page.    

This page is to provide us with a small amount of data about you. After filling in the obligatory fields and pushing the Register button, you will get an account confirmation email. To confirm the account you need to follow the link provided in the message.

After having your account activated you need to sign in, then your login will appear near the site logo which means you have successfully signed in to the site.    


Remember me

The sign up form includes a ‘Remember me” tick box. This option stores your data, so you don’t need to sign in each time during next two weeks. After two weeks CDC will require your password again.
If your PC is on default mode (you don’t use any of the information storing methods), your data will be deleted right after you close the browser then the next time you access the site you will require to give your login and password again.    

We strongly recommend that you to fill in all your contact data after being registered, because this will help you to use CDC services fully, such as the Jobs section and other functions. This can be done in MY/PROFILE page

A Password is the most reliable security system for your account on CDC, so please be cautious with it! In case you suspect that someone else has access to your data, change the password. Here is some advice on how to choose an effective password.

Do not use plain passwords like “12345”, “qwerty”, “password” and the like. Do not use your first/last name as a password, nor date of birth – these are quite easy to guess.

A reliable password should: 

  • Include 6 - 20 symbols;
  • Include small and capital letters;
  • Include digits;
  • Include punctuation marks like -!@#$%^&*()+_;
  • Be equal to the login;
  • Be easy to remember for you not to forget it.
You should be aware of your password and never tell it to anyone else! The administrators at CDC never send emails with a request for you to reply with your password!

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