The main functions:

1. Add news

News is placed in the right block from the bottom. To add news you should click the Post news button. News is text only information without the possibility to attach any graphic’s. News can be posted by the Administrator/Moderator only.

2. Add a discussion

You can add a discussion about a certain topic, which also allows attachment of photos as an option. A discussion can be started by any member of a Group. The messages may be about any subject not just the general theme of the Group. To create a discussion you should click the same-named button in the right block.

3. Add a photo/sketch

You can add an unlimited number of photos and sort them into folders (sets). Uploading a photo is only available after creating a set.
Create a set by clicking the button and fill in the title in the open box.

Then you are automatically directed to the new set page, where there will be the pictures to upload after clicking the Add photo, you get to the upload page, where you pick the images from you computer and wait till their previews appear on the page.

After this, in case you wish to upload some more pictures, you should go to set’s main page by clicking the its title and repeat the Add photo procedure.
On the main page of the set you can also edit its title (the Edit button) or delete it (Delete button). To delete a certain picture you should go to its page and click the Delete photo button.

4. Edit a Group

Editing of a Group is prescribed to its Administrator only. Clicking the Edit Group button directs you to the page, where you can change the description, logo, or category it belongs to.

5. Add Moderators

If you are the Administrator (the one who created the Group), you can assign privileged members, i.e. Moderators of the Group, who can: add other Moderators, post news, edit threads. As the site develops, Moderators will be given some more options.

To add a Moderator, you should click the All members button under the icons of the last joined and go to the list of all members of the Group.
On this page you should replace the icon of the one you want to endow with some extra rights, to the bottom block. Deleting a Moderator needs the opposite procedure: replacing the icon from the bottom block to the member list.

6. Other options
You can leave a Group at any time. For this to be done you should click the same named button. After this, if a Group is Public, you still will be able to read its threads and news or view pictures, without taking part in any of the activities. If a Group is Private, you won’t be able to view nor take part in the content.

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