How to create portfolio



Uploading your works on the site can be done in the MY – Portfolio subsection.


A project itself can be uploaded only into a previously created folder. For this to be done, you need to click ‘Create new set’ and enter the set title in the proper box. Pushing the Create button will take you to your Portfolio page with the created set.


On this page you can also delete your existing sets. You should be careful when deleting sets, keep in mind that all works in the folder will be automatically deleted.



To have your work uploaded you should enter the created set and click ‘Upload projects’.


Each work is capable of containing up to 10 sketches displayed on the same page. After selecting the images, you need to:


- choose what set will contain the project – or create a new one for that;

- give it a title,

- make a short description of the project.


After filling in all fields you need to upload the project, after which you will get to the sets page with the new one.



You should also remember that after your very first uploading, your works will be displayed only on your personal page. It will appear on the Portfolio page visible to anyone, only after the moderation team accepts it (you can read more about moderation and Ranks here).


But still the works show up on your personal page without affirmative moderation.




Affirmative moderation allows the placement your works in the Portfolio section, which will show it in accordance with your Privacy Policy settings and for the other members to be able to appreciate your Project by marking or commenting on it.



You can manage and delete works at My - Portfolio.



All users beside Portfolio section can see your sets and images at your personal page using




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