Internal message service on

- Type new message

- Inbox,

- Sent,

- Friend requests,

- Labels, sorting your mail into the folders you’ve created.



 Type new message

This function is quite clear and simple. The only thing to be aware of is, that in case you send a message to a person who is not on your Friend list, you should be careful when typing his or her nickname in the Recipient box, because in this case the message service can’t offer you any probable recipients to choose from.







Labels is a service to mark your incoming and outgoing messages, and thus to provide sorting them by different criterion. Create a new label by clicking the same-named button and entering its title.


Later on you will be able to add new messages to the created label. We should draw your special attention to the fact that the service doesn’t collect messages by a member, but by chosen message or conversation. Thus, this service isn’t processed automatically, every time you want a message to be added to such-and-such label, you should do it yourself.





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