Work publication and conferring a rank

After registration at (however before uploading the works) a user automatically receives the rank 1. After uploading at least 5 works, the moderators receive from the user’s Portfolio a request to gain a higher rank which meets his or her professional level. After this the works are being premoderated and become visible for other users, and the author obtains a rank. The rank icon is always placed before the user’s nickname. After this the works uploaded without moderation.

Changing the rank

A moderator, receiving the request for assignment of rank, or finding a work that does not correspond to the rank of its owner, can change the rank of the user in accordance with the rules.  In case there are at least 5 of last works approving the increased level, the moderator can raise the rank. If there are 3 works among the most recent which show a lower level, the moderator can rank the user down.

Additional reasons to check the rank are: successful participation in a contest, entering a university, getting a degree, new placement, a certain amount of points collected by one of the user’s works, getting to the Top of the works at, etc.
Therefore, the rank can be changed not once depending on the achievements in the professional sphere. All the users have to do is regularly update their Portfolio and to present there, the most valuable works corresponding with their actual level.

Appraisal system

The appraisal system of the works in “Portfolios” section at allows creation of objective rates in respect to the different professional levels of the voting users and with no correspondence to how long ago the work was posted and how many persons voted – only the average mark is calculated. Computing the rate considers all marks given to the work by every person who voted, and also the number of users who voted along with their ranks.

At every user’s disposal there are -50, 50 or 100 points - which mean "weak", "good" and "cool". The points are multiplied by the coefficient referring to the rank of each (from 1 to 6). If a certain work received marks from several users, the total sum is divided by the sum of the coefficients. The final figure is rounded to a whole number. 



 The main component of the “Portfolios” section on is user differentiation into ranks depending on the quality of their works – which allows appraisal at the user’s level immediately. The rank is symbolized with a comprehensible icon before the user’s nickname. Each rank has a corresponding coefficient, which is relevant when estimating the works by other users.


Rank description


An unregistered user, the “guest” of, who cannot leave comments, add works or put marks – but only view some of the pages and read articles.


1st RANK 
A registered user, a “reader”. Somebody who already has a nickname but hasn’t uploaded any works and won’t be doing it, using all other services (not designer);
Or whose works are awaiting moderation, who upload works for the first time (after moderation rank will be change);
Or whose drawings have rather low-graded quality - a complete misunderstanding of the proportions of the car body, uneven lines, lack of transfer amount and any ideas.
They are able to comment on portfolios and articles.
When voting they have coefficient 1.

2nd RANK
Somebody who is beginning to draw vehicles, “starter”.
Sketches of beginner level - the general proportions are already realistic, but there is no theoretical knowledge about how to draw a car, or practical skills. The main difference from the 1-st rank is that the works obviously have some potential, but this person needs some help to grow.  
They have access to all works and when voting they have coefficient 2.

3rd RANK 
A person, more or less experienced in automotive design, who has some skills and who is trying to realise some theoretical statements. The works are of “student level” – correct proportions, although there are some mistakes in the construction of the body. In general they have an average level of ideas i.e  they can create something of interest. It is clear that the person is still developing, but has potential that needs to be realised.
When voting they have coefficient 3.

4th RANK 
A successful designer, who is likely to have experience in the professional field and has something to teach the beginners. They will have sketches of at least "graduate” level - with little or no mistakes, but with the possibility of “overdesign”. In general, works are qualitative and retain some good innovative ideas.
When voting they have coefficient 4.

5th RANK 
A high skilled, fully fledged designer. The works are of immaculate quality – both ideas and presentation.
When voting they have coefficient 5.

6th RANK
An admitted authority in the automotive world, can either be well-experienced professional who has some realised projects in the portfolio. 
When voting they have coefficient 6.

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